Ebook for Figma

Build your ebook in minutes, not days

Ebook UI Kit for Figma

Ebook for Figma

Build your perfect ebook as if it is a LEGO set

Looking to create an ebook in Figma? Our toolkit of over 60+ beautifully designed components is the perfect solution. These elements are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use, ensuring a seamless flow from one page to the next in your Figma ebook. Whether you use them together or mix and match to create a unique UI Kit, our components are designed to optimize your ebook creation process in Figma. Choose our toolkit for the best ebook design experience in Figma.

Ebook for Figma

Build your ebook using smart Figma components

Open UI Kit for Figma allows you to rapidly build a superb ebook user interface quickly and easily. The UI kit is based on the Figma platform.

Get creative, don't waste time on fiddling with the tools

The auto-layouts-enabled blocks have been designed to behave in the same way, which creates a seamless reading experience for users.

Smoothly export your creation to PDF and publish sooner

Figma ebook ui kit will help you build an interactive, engaging, and eye-catching ebook fast. Import kit file into your Figma account and start building your ebook right away.

Who сan benefit from our Figma ebook kit?

Anyone with a story to tell or knowledge to share:

Check out this demo document

Creating digital products is hard. We all go through many iterations until we get the final result. This often means a lot of documentation along the way, assets and notes for every separate phase of development.Ebook UI Kit for Figma makes it easy to create striking marketing and sales materials.

How to make an ebook with our smart UI kit for Figma

The auto-layouts-enabled blocks have been designed to behave in the same way, which creates a seamless reading experience for users.

  1. Get ebook UI Kit for Figma

  2. Import .fig file to Figma (Learn how to do that)

  3. Watch this demo video

  4. Set your fonts

  5. Set your colour palette

  6. Simply copy and paste components

  7. Customise the components look-and-feel and drag them around

  8. Export to PDF (Download example)

  9. (Optional) Self-publish your book on Gumroad, why not?

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“This is VERY timely! We're looking at different ways to produce ebooks.”

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“Wow this is very simple easy to use.”


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eBook Kit for Figma - Build and sell your ebook in minutes, not days | Product Hunt

Simple and effective ebook showcase and sales with Figma

The auto-layout enabled blocks in our Figma ebook toolkit are designed to provide a consistent user experience, ensuring seamless reading for users. Optimize your ebook creation process with our well-designed Figma blocks.

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